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                      Specializing in the production of PU synthetic leather, founded in February 2002 and located in the top countries --Kunshan city, Huarich has the main characteristics of products such as "PU leather" and "PU functional film". Through more than ten years of booming development, our company already has a complete synthetic leather equipment and we have the capacity of 16 million meters annual production of synthetic leather. In 2010, Company set up a wholly owned subsidiary ---Jiangsu Tangula polymeric material co.ltd. in Xinghua city, Jiangsu province, which forming a reasonable industrial layout between Kunshan and Subei, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of our company...

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                      Name:KUNSHAN HUARICH NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD.

                      Address:No.588,HengChangJing Road,

                      Zhoushi Town,Kunshan,Jiangsu Province,China.


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                      Name:WEIYA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.(FUJIAN COMPANY)

                      Address:903 Hengyu international A block,39

                      Dongcheng Street,Gulou District,Fuzhou,Fujian,China


                      Tel:+86-0591-8751 4866

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